10 Ply Truck Tires: Buying Guide & FAQ

The world of tires can be confusing! If you’re still not sure which type of 10 ply tires to choose for your truck, read our buying guide & FAQs to make an informed decision. 

What Are the Important Things to Consider When Buying 10 Ply Truck Tires?

Tire size
The tire size can change the load rating. Large tires that have the same rating as smaller tires can hold a heavier load. When replacing your truck’s tire, make sure the new tires are of the same size as the old ones.
Tread pattern
Generally, tires are sold in symmetrical and asymmetrical options. How are they any different? Symmetrical tires have the same tread patterns on the inner and outer halves of the tire, while asymmetrical tires feature different patterns. Asymmetrical tires provide improved traction in all weather conditions.
Load index
When considering new tires, ensure the load index of your new tires matches or exceeds your old tires.

Top Frequently Asked Questions About 10 Ply Truck Tires:

Are all light truck tires 10 ply?
No! Light truck tires are available in various ranges from load range B to load range F, indicating the equivalent ply rating range of 4 to 12 ply. When purchasing new tires, you can check for ones with the LT symbol on it and pick load range E, which is the same as 10 ply truck tires. This info can be found branded on the sidewall of the tire or you can check the tire description.
Can I use light truck tires on the trailer?
Generally, these tires are meant for trucks that will be used for hauling or towing. It is best to avoid using them directly on the trailer itself. For a trailer, you can buy Special Trailer (ST) tires. These tires are available in a variety of load ranges.
Should I buy light truck tires if I never tow?
LT tires are designed for trucks that will be used for hauling and towing. If these tires are not being used for towing a load, they will not function smoothly. If you own an SUV and are certain that you will not be using it to tow, then do not buy these tires. Instead, you can purchase P-metric (passenger) tires that are a lighter version designed to provide faster acceleration, better fuel-saving, and a smoother ride.