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Acura MDX Vs. Acura RDX: The Crossover Battle

Not sure whether to buy the Acura MDX or the Acura RDX? Well, both come with their fair share of advantages and some disadvantages as well. Here are some of the similarities and dissimilarities between Acura’s two luxurious crossovers, the MDX and the RDX. Similarities between the Acura RDX and MDX: Both, the MDX and the RDX look high-end from…

Hatchbacks: Pros And Cons

We help you decide whether a hatch works for you or doesn’t. Hatchbacks are getting popular in cities everywhere. But sedans are the standard choice of vehicle. Here’s how to decide which one works better for you. Go For The Hatch   Cargo Space A hatchback isn’t always a small car. It could also be a wagon. Even if it…

Keep Up The Performance Of Your Suv With These Tips

Get hands-on with the following tips to keep your SUV in top condition: Check your tires SUV tires look refined and always provide a comfortable ride & cater to all your travel needs. It is essential to maintain the pressure of your car tires. The gas mileage could be lowered down due to low tire pressure. Keep a regular check…