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14 Ways To Get The Best Deal On A Used Car

Buying a car can be tiresome. Buying a pre-owned or used car can save you a lot of money. Here are a few ways you can get the best deal on a used car.   Research: The first step to buy a car is to figure out which car to buy. Once you know which car you want to buy,…

How To Find A Last-minute Car Rental Deal

There are multiple reasons why you might want to hire a rental car at the last minute. It could be because your car broke down the night before your trip or you’re heading on a spontaneous road trip. When you turn up at the car company’s counter, they can sense your desperation. This leads to them coercing you into purchasing…

Hatchbacks: Pros And Cons

We help you decide whether a hatch works for you or doesn’t. Hatchbacks are getting popular in cities everywhere. But sedans are the standard choice of vehicle. Here’s how to decide which one works better for you. Go For The Hatch   Cargo Space A hatchback isn’t always a small car. It could also be a wagon. Even if it…