Hatchbacks: Pros And Cons

We help you decide whether a hatch works for you or doesn’t.

Hatchbacks are getting popular in cities everywhere. But sedans are the standard choice of vehicle. Here’s how to decide which one works better for you.

Go For The Hatch

  1.   Cargo Space

A hatchback isn’t always a small car. It could also be a wagon. Even if it is a smaller vehicle, its split or folding rear seats can sometimes offer more space than the boot of a sedan. So your car could be compact but still lug around a lot of luggage.

  1.   Easy to drive

Hatchbacks, thanks to their compact size, make for easy and fun driving in cities. Their manoeuvrability helps you zip through traffic, and their engines have enough low-end grunt to accelerate through the gaps. 

  1.   Big and small

The interiors are usually very practically designed and offer a surprising amount of interior space. So despite being small on the outside, you’ll never feel cramped. Their small size also makes them convenient for urban dwellers. Parking is always tricky to find in cities, and if you have a car that squeezes into tight spaces easily, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

  1.   Sit tall

If you’re always asked how the weather is up there, you may find yourself slouching a bit in regular sedans. Hatchbacks, on the other hand, are designed with a little extra headroom in the rear. Now even the tallest amongst us can sit with their head held, well, normally.

  1.   A great view

The more vertical design of hatchbacks makes for bigger glasshouses than sedans. This means that you always have a great view of the road when you’re behind the wheel. That makes for a safer driving experience.

No For The Hatch

  1.   Thirsty

Compared to sedans, hatchbacks do compromise on aerodynamics. This hurts fuel efficiency and can increase the cost of living with the vehicle in the long run.

  1.   Heavy

Not all hatches are lighter than sedans. A tailgate, the extra body metalwork for a wagon, and bigger glass area can make a hatch far heavier than a sedan. This hurts efficiency and the driving experience.

  1.   Rear window factor

Some hatches are sporty. Their design usually features a sloping roof and a steeply raked tailgate. This design looks great but compromises on practicality. In these hatches, cargo space is compromised.

  1.   Price

To make hatchbacks more desirable, car manufacturers load them up with features and offer premium trims as well. Some even have high-performance engines. This makes them more expensive than regular sedans.

  1.   Availability

Unless there’s a huge hatchback market where you live, availability of the car and its parts may be limited. This will mean waiting for it after you buy it and waiting for repairs while parts arrive. There’s no fun in that.

So what’ll it be? Do you think a hatch is the car of choice for you? Or will you play it safe and choose a sedan?