Luxury Cars: Are They Worth The Extra Money?

It can be difficult to choose between a luxury car and a mainstream model. While the mainstream model will fulfill your requirements of being light on the pocket among other benefits, many luxury vehicles can be worth every dime you spend. We’ve listed a bunch of reasons that justify the extra money you might have to pay for a luxury vehicle. 

Better driving experience

One of the key deciding factors when buying a vehicle is based on the kind of driving experience the car has to offer. This experience is only elevated in a luxury car. Most luxury cars come equipped with a state-of-the-art cabin, first-rate engines, roomy seats and smooth handling & performance. It comes with most advanced parts, quality service and added benefits that make the driving experience holistic and worth each dollar you shell out.

Top class quality

The engineers that make luxury cars ensure that the quality of every detail that goes into manufacturing is not compromised. Luxury cars promise and deliver unparalleled driving capabilities, class-A safety and tech features that complement their elegant looks. Top brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, BMW etc. offer an experience like none other. They justify their expensive cars by helping you associate a brand with millions of satisfied and loyal customers. Their cars are built to last, and offer quality much higher than average brands.

Higher resale value

Investing in a luxury car means that the money and efforts you spend on making the purchase, does not result in a dead investment. A car’s resale value is dependent on various factors like Brand name, Safety features, Regional demand etc. Luxury cars come with a name and features that promise a higher resale value. Having additional benefits always helps in increasing the resale value of a vehicle. If maintained regularly, luxury cars can turn out to be an investment which offers long term benefits. Buying rare and vintage luxury models may increase the value even more.

A matter of prestige

Owning a luxury car doesn’t just bring with it functional and driving benefits. It also offers a lot of lifestyle benefits. It uplifts your status in your social circle and helps build your perception as a powerful and influential person, among other social and lifestyle benefits. 

A car is known to reflect your personality. It represents your status and style, pretty much like the clothes and accessories you wear. The elegant looks of a luxury car can help not just improve but also sustain your personality among friends, family and office colleagues. Especially in terms of work or career, a stylish car can be beneficial for your business, in ways you may not have thought of.

Advanced technology and safety features

A great luxury car is equipped with top-of-the-line tech and safety features. Advanced tech safety features like innovative parking assist, 360 degree camera system, pedestrian and traffic sign detection, collision warning systems, blind spot monitoring and much more. These features guarantee an absolutely memorable driving experience.

Additionally, all luxury cars offer high-end infotainment systems that come with large touchscreens, Apple and Android compatibility to make your drive even better.